EM-Pro Employee Training Log / Scheduler

Employee Training Log

...Keeping employee  training activities organized

The system addresses key aspects associated with the management of training requirements, scheduling and keeping a detailed history.

Some of the primary elements include:

 • General employee information including picture
 • Flexible set up of courses
 • Training log of scheduled and completed courses
 • Option to schedule an employee for training if a course revision occurs
 • Schedule training for a department
 • Screen/Report field titles adjustable (terminology or language) 

Practical aspects include:

  • Course completion - store items like cost, time etc.
  • Department training matrix
  • Report filtering and sorting options (e.g. date range)
  • Training due report - list all employees with courses scheduled for a particular date range  
  • Training due for a particular course - list all employees scheduled for the selected course
  • Training history - details of courses taken by a particular employee
  • Export reports to popular file formats (MS Word, Excel etc.)
  • Link to external documents (e.g. certificate of training)

The approach taken helps your company meet the comprehensive requirements of:

  • Quality management systems
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental

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