QC-Pro Gage Management

Gage Calibration Management Icon

...An organized approach to ensure gage control  integrity

The software offers a complete system for:

  • Scheduling gage calibrations, verifications and MSA  studies
  • Maintaining historical records of all activities
  • Measurement System Analysis  (GRR, Stability, Bias, Linearity, Attribute)
Some of the key elements are:

  • Record before/after readings across the operating range of the gage
  • Gage calibration schedule can be based on time interval or gage usage
  • Link external documents (e.g. calibration certificate) to a calibration record
  • Calibration procedure - free format steps to calibrate gage
  • Custom fields that are user defined
  • Skip specified gage calibration due dates (holidays, weekends etc.) 
  • Flexible report filtering (overdue, date range, gage id, location etc.)
  • Reports include:
        - Gage calibration due list
        - Gage calibration work order
        - Certificate of gage calibration
        - Gage calibration labels
        - Gage calibration History
        - Measurement System Analysis (GRR and other gage error studies)

The approach taken is consistent with those outlined in well-established quality system requirements including ISO 9001,  ISO/TS 16949 and other quality management systems.

The software offers everything you need now, and grows with your needs.

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QC-Pro Statistical Process Control

SPC Icon

...Providing the key SPC charts, calculations and reports

The system is powerful enough to fulfill the needs of the quality specialist yet
simple enough to be used by operators on the shop floor.

Practical elements of the system include:
  • Operator mode data entry with real time control chart display
  • Corrective action and problem documentation
  • Power mode spreadsheet data entry
  • MS Excel import / export data
  • Control charts with user defined statistical rules
  • E-Mail reports as .pdf file attachments
  • Language and terminology user modifiable
  • Password system access protection

Some of the key reports include:
  • Control charts for variable type data
  • Capability analysis with Cpk and Ppk
  • Plant wide capability summary table
  • Pareto analysis on defect categories
  • Data table 

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PM-Pro Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Icon

...A comprehensive  system for equipment maintenance management

Practical elements of the system include:
  • Maintenance due calendar
  • Work orders for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance
  • Analysis of cost, time etc.
  • Maintenance efficiency  
  • Equipment history
  • Spare parts inventory
  • Supplier data base

The maintenance activities for a piece of equipment can be broken down into
various logical blocks (general, electrical, mechanical etc.).   The overall
main equipment and its' component subsystems can each have unique scheduling
and maintenance instructions assigned.

Some of the key items associated with an equipment record:
  • Interval between maintenance
       - units can be day, week, month or meter count
  • Picture of item to be maintained
  • Custom user defined fields
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Cost / Time information
  • General notes - free format

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EM-Pro Employee Training Log / Scheduler

Employee Training Log Icon

...Keeping employee  training activities organized

The system addresses key aspects associated with the management of training requirements,
scheduling and keeping detailed history.

Some of the primary elements include:
 • General employee information including picture
 • Flexible set up of courses
 • Training log of scheduled and completed courses
 • Option to schedule an employee for training if a course revision occurs
 • Schedule training for a department
 • Screen/Report field titles adjustable (terminology or language) 

Practical aspects include:
  • Course completion - store items like cost, time etc.
  • Department training matrix
  • Report filtering and sorting options (e.g. date range)
  • Training due report - list all employees with courses scheduled for a particular date range  
  • Training due for a particular course - list all employees scheduled for the selected course
  • Training history - details of courses taken by a particular employee
  • Export reports to popular file formats (MS Word, Excel etc.)

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TM-Pro Test Management

Product Test Management Icon

...Product test scheduler and result history

The software offers a complete system for:
  • Scheduling product tests
  • Maintaining historical records of all test activities
  • Program for a customer's product with multiple tests

Some of the key elements include:
  • Frequency of test
       - units can be day, week, month or year
  • Picture of test fixture or product being tested
  • Test target - eg. desired number of cycles, number of hours etc.
  • Instructions on how to perform the test
  • Custom fields that are user defined

Reports include:
  • Test schedule matrix for a selected month
  • Tests due for a user selected date range
  • Test history
  • Test certificate

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